Collaborative-Playlist Sleep

Collaborative Sleep Playlist

When the day is done and you just want to relax and take it easy this Collaborative Sleep Playlist will give you all the zzz’s you need. Curators from around the world are working together to collaborate and create the ultimate Sleep playlist. If you have your favourite songs that help you sleep, you can […]

Collaborative-Playlist Party

Collaborative Party Playlist

When it comes to Collaborative Party Playlists this playlist will get the Party started. Curators from around the world are coming together to make the ultimate Party Playlists and collaborate with other curators to make the hottest party playlist on the planet. You can add your own top Party Tracks to this playlist, just follow […]

Collaborative-Playlist Indie

Collaborative Indie Playlist

If you want to hear the latest and greatest Indie hits, or if you want to be the next famous Playlist curator? this is the playlist to get you started. Playlisting is taking off around the world and here is your chance to make your mark. You can add your own Indie tunes to this […]

Chill Collaborative-Playlist

Collaborative Chill Playlist

Getting ready to start your afternoon Chill session? this Collaborative Chill Playlist is sure to have you relaxing and chilling out to the coolest tunes on Spotify. Curators are coming together from all over the world to allow you to chill and relax to these tunes. You can also add your own favourite tunes to […]

Collaborative-Playlist Mood

Collaborative Mood Playlist

Get yourself in the Mood with this Collaborative Mood Playlist. You can join curators from all over the world and listen to and add your own Moody tunes to this playlist. Follow the Playlist – Add up to three songs and start listening. What is a Mood Playlist? It can be defined as anything that […]

Collaborative-Playlist Summer

Collaborative Summer Playlist

Get set to rock Summer with this Collaborative Summer Playlist, this playlist is put together from users all over the world and you can also add your favourite top 3 songs. Being a collaborative playlist once you Follow the Playlist you can add three of your top summer hits. You will soon be your own […]

Chart Hits Collaborative-Playlist

Collaborative Charts Playlist

If you are looking to collaborate with other playlisters and refining your playlisting skills, you can collaborate in this top of the charts collaborative playlist. Once you follow you can add up to three songs, No Follow No Add. Get involved and help take your curating skills to a new level with this Collaborative Charts […]

Collaborative-Playlist Rock

Collaborative Rock Playlist

Collaborate with Curators from around the world and add your Top 3 picks to this Collaborative Rock Playlist. Having the ability to collaborate with other curators is a critical part of being an active user on Spotify. Whether you are working with other curators or musicians or listeners, you need to refine your skills and […]